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Hotel Royal Spa is an award-winning hotel in one of the most popular Bulgarian balneological resorts. They needed a way for clients to apply for their newly-created VIP club that was befitting of the rest of the experience, while their website was in need of a serious makeover. We created a membership package consisting of an envelope, application form, and club card, providing guests with a streamlined way of applying for membership. The redesigned responsive website is ready to meet the demands of the modern customer.

Our old website was just a bunch of pictures, it didn't do much for us. With our new strategy, people can see what we offer. The phones keep ringing since we launched it!

Nina Bourgova, CMO at Hotel Royal Spa


Hotel Royal Spa offers its guests a premium experience and has won various awards for the exceptional luxury and rich SPA treatment. The owner wanted to provide their most frequent and distinguished guests with special offers. To make the experience more streamlined and polished, they wanted to put together an application package similar to other clubs of this kind. On top of that, our client didn't feel that the website reflects the quality of their service offering. It offered scarce information on the actual services and amenities, and had many visual imperfections.


The hotel interior spaces inspired a palette of soft earth tones. Since reading is easier when dark text is placed on a light background, we selected champagne-toned paper for the application form, and to add contrast - a very dark brown colour for the envelope. The application form is utilitarian in its nature, and it shouldn't distract people trying to write down their personal information. Simplicity is the way to go in such situations, so we decided to use the sensation of touch to invoke a feeling of subdued luxury. The paper we selected has a certain roughness in its texture, that feels established and traditional, but at the same time - contemporary. Since applications are available on location only, it made no sense to include contact details or anything else that would complicate the envelope design. The logo was finished using hot foil stamping that gives it not only texture, but also depth you can feel as you brush your finger across the paper.


The club identification card is the token given to members - it needs to be informative and sturdy. We experimented with a matte surface that minimises reflections, but at the expense of readability. In the end we agreed that form should follow function and used a glossy finish - even with some inevitable glare, text is still easier to read.


We collaborated with a local shop to produce samples for the client to approve. To make sure the final products were executed properly, we stayed in touch till everything was finished. Stamping hot foil on something as small as an envelope is a challenge and every single one had to be positioned by hand inside the press, but in the end the results were exceptional.


Since Hotel Royal Spa is located in a popular balneological resort, all nearby roads are decorated with billboards advertising the other hotels there. Our client has been renting a number of them for a long time, and current ads were very worn out. To help the hotel get noticed by people travelling in the region, we focused on displaying the rich interiors and SPA facilities, and helped get the new vinyls printed.


There are a few key areas where any hotel website must absolutely deliver - accommodation, services and amenities, and a way to book a stay. We analysed the way visitors used the current website and found that exploring the accommodation is a key make-or-break moment in the customer journey. The presentation wasn't up to the task - photos were not arranged properly and information was scarce, which threw people off.


We uncovered the most efficient path that visitors followed when looking to book - they started at accomodation, went through the services and amenities, made a stop to check out current special offers, and finally looked for the contact information if all of the boxes were checked. The structure of the new website closely follows this journey, providing sufficient information and reassurance at every level. The owner wanted to push things further and provide a way for guests to book their stay directly from the website. Upon exploring this option, however, we discovered that most of them would prefer to just call and have hotel staff take care of the details, so instead we integrated a service that allows guests to make a free call directly from the website and book their stay.


Providing you with a comfortable experience regardless of the device you use requires specific optimisations. Information gets reordered and restructured as needed to remain accesible and legible whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone.


There's no true off-season in a balneological resort, so we deliberately choose a low-traffic time of the day to launch the website in order to fix potential problems without disturbing too many visitors, but luckily everything went smoothly.


We delivered a batch of 1 000 membership packages. They were immediately put to use and a few months later the marketing director at Hotel Royal Spa called asking us to place a second order, since they were quickly running out. Since the launch of the new website, we've received reports that hotel staff barely have time to do their jobs, because they constantly have to answer calls coming from the new website.