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Our long-standing client recently contacted us as they were gearing up to launch a new migration service business that needed a professional look with a strong analogue and digital presence. We designed a complete corporate identity kit, a presentation template for the numerous marketing and training materials and built a website aimed at attracting prospective customers. The company has experienced strong growth and quickly became one of the major players in the industry.

We had very specific requests and required the output to be perfect. Excite paid very close attention to detail and listened to all our needs and ideas. They delivered everything on an impeccable standard and we highly recommend them as a partner.

Konrad Graf, Partner at Global Advisory Group


Global Advisory Group is a provider of migration services, focusing on Asian customers who want to move to Europe/USA. Their clients typically choose to relocate to another country to get access to better education and job opportunities for them and their children. Naturally such products require serious investment in terms of both time and money. Inspiring trust and clearly communicating every last detail are the key ingredients to get clients through the door.


We noticed a trend among competitors of Global Advisory Group: their logos either leverage established, proven styles, or minimalistic wordmarks. Our client was willing to be a bit bolder in order to stand out. After exploring some safe and some more daring directions, we settled on a middle road - a universally recognised symbol and a classic layout, coupled with a modern aesthetic that will support the growing brand for a long time. The stylised globe communicates the nature of the company, and the classic deep blue colour conveys feelings of trust and dependability.


Because of the large number of potential clients Global Advisory Group agents get in touch with, we recommended having two different batches of business cards printed - one using a regular finish, to be freely handed out, and one more luxurious to be used when the occasion demands it.


Every customer of Global Advisory Group walks away with a number of important documents. To ensure nothing gets damaged or lost, we designed a folder with a cover that closes securely, and a deep pocket that holds the contents from all sides. We used thick paper and added soft-touch laminate on top that feels luxurious, but also protects the paper from moisture or spills. We designed documents, letters, invoices, and envelopes in order to integrate the official part of the communication into the brand experience.


The nature of the migration industry is multinational and the website is going to be the backbone of our client's marketing efforts. Global Advisory Group know their customer base extremely well, and provided valuable insights to help us uncover the most efficient customer journeys through the website. This allowed us to tailor the information structure to the needs and questions of potential customers. You can use the wizard tool to easily find the most suitable product, get a price quote, and apply for it. The application form submits the details to the Customer Relationship Management software where agents manage all their clients.


Providing you with a comfortable experience regardless of the device you use requires specific optimisations. Information gets reordered and restructured as needed to remain accesible and legible whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone.


Since the website will primarily receive visitors from Asia, we recommended a web hosting provider that could ensure fast loading speeds for local visitors. Extensive speed tests and optimisation of key areas provided customers with a fast, performant website.


Just a few months after the launch, Global Advisory Group is being regarded as one of the largest players in the industry. Their website does well at relieving customer anxiety in the face of a big investment, and making it easy to apply. Both customers and agents report feeling comfortable handling the important contracts and applications thanks to the secure folder design.