Learn when and how you can benefit from our Services

First we'll dive deep to uncover what problem is actually worth solving by surfacing insights, pain points and challenges for your company. Following our process takes risk out of the equation and leads to results that resonate with your audience. Finally, we'll provide complete solutions - not a business card design that you don't even know how to print. We only take on a limited number of projects at once, so we have the resource to make good on our promise.

Where Are You on Your Journey?


Maybe you have a concept and you need to find its voice and show it through a logo, a visual identity package, a website.


Or you have some things handled, but others have been left behind and the time has come to piece everything together.


Perhaps, after years of work, you're enjoying the fruits of your labor, but you want to explore what new hights there are.

Brand Strategy

Before we do anything, it is key that we understand the customers and what moves them. We uncover the business and cultural attributes that will define a brand customers care about.

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Research & Positioning
  • Customer Personas & Journeys
  • Brand Voice & Messaging

Identity Design

Branding is about communicating the company's values and building a lasting relationship with customers. We bring the idea behind the brand to life with a distinctive tone, look and feel.

  • Logo Design
  • Identity & Packaging Design
  • Marketing & Brand Collateral
  • Brand Guidelines

Digital Design

Living in a connected world means nobody can get away with poor digital products. We create focused experiences that make sense for your audience and meet their ever-growing demands.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Applications
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Media

We don't gamble with your business. Our roadmap to success is a proven Process


There are certain qualities that make a project a better fit for us and our capabilities. This initial step helps both parties decide if we're right for the job.


If we are indeed a match, we start by discovering and understanding who you are, who needs to know, how they'll find you, and why they should care.


Everything uncovered we analyse, simplify, and clarify to map out a set of laser-focused priorities - the guiding post we align all creative solutions with.


Using an iterative design process we produce, validate and refine on-point solutions that resonate with your customers and achieve business goals.


We support you until the final product is delivered to your doorstep, to assist with any production or deployment issues and ensure quality standards are met.


You're stuck with us for a long time. We'll never take advantage of that and leave you to deal with your buyer's remorse. If something doesn't work - we fix it.

They're not just clients — they're our Partners

We put forward very specific requests and required the output to be perfect. Excite paid very close attention to detail and listened to all our needs and ideas. They delivered everything on an impeccable standard and we highly recommend them as a partner.

Konrad Graf — Managing Partner at Global Advisory Group