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Wine It Up

The Challenge

The team of Wine It Up had the ambitious idea of creating the most complete bulgarian wine catalogue, complete with ratings and reviews, to serve as a foundation for their future product. We advised them to create a web version of the catalogue for several purposes. It’s a natural extension of the landing page and allowed us to bring in some early adopters, start gathering usage data and help us validate new ideas. We designed it around the ability to rate, review, and create your personal list of favourite wines, all of which are setting the stage and priming users for the launch of their upcoming product.

The Work

Corporate Identity Usability & Web Design Web Development Content Management System Marketing

Meet the finished product

Subtle & appealing

Designing a logo related to wine is a tough job if you want to avoid cliches. To differentiate the new brand from the rather old-school industry, we went for a contemporary style and a sharp slab-serif typeface. The representation of the grape clusters speaks for the content, but also hides the lettes W, which stands for the company's name. The complete kit consists of variations of the logo suitable for every scenario, so it will always be visible and legible, no matter where and how it is used.


Tailored specifically to the needs of the project, the administrative area allows for swift content entry and that quick, but crucial change can be made on a smartphone as easily as on a computer.

Take it with you

The modern, performant website ensures an efficient experience regardless of the device you use. Information remains well structured and legible whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone.

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