Materials for the tobacco industry

Royal's Tobacco International

The Challenge

Royal's Tobacco International asked us to create a corporate identity and design a website for their company. It was founded not too long ago, so the main challenge we were about to face was combining the contemporary look of a young company with the expertise of an established one.

The Work

Corporate Identity Stationery Design Usability & Web Design Web Development Content Management System

Meet the finished product

Fresh, yet established

A classic layout coupled with a stylish typeface and a modern angular represantation of a tobacco leaf give the company a contemporary image, while retaining the classic qualities of profesionalism and trustworthiness, vital for the industry. The complete kit consists of variations of the logo suitable for every scenario, so it will always be visible and legible, no matter where and how it is used.

Straight to the point

In the quest of designing a minimalist experience, while still conveying quality and attention to detail, we decided to combine a clean visual style with subtle movements and animations across the page. The result is easy on the eye, modern and subdued. Since all the information is laid out on a single page, we used lots of white space, so the different sections have room to breathe and do not overwhelm.

Take it with you

The modern, performant website ensures an efficient experience regardless of the device you use. Information remains well structured and legible whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone.

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