Class A Office Building

MM Business Center

The Challenge

Our friends at MM Group turned to us with yet another project. They are gearing up to start the construction of a beautiful new office building and need a way to effectively present the modern office spaces to potential customers.

The Work

Corporate Identity Stationery Design Usability & Web Design Web Development Content Management System

Meet the finished product

Instantly familiar

The logo we designed incorporates visual cues from the building's facade, it is easy to recognise and recall. The style we chose is minimalistic, making the symbol versatile and timeless. The complete kit consists of variations of the logo suitable for every scenario, so it will always be visible and legible, no matter where and how it is used.

Business all the way

We didn't want to take the visitor's attention away from what's important. To avoid that, we went with a minimalistic aesthetic that allows the content and photos to shine. All the details are logically structured and finding relevant information is quick and easy, as is securing that beautiful office space for your company, thanks to the readily available contact details and message form.

Take it with you

The modern, performant website ensures an efficient experience regardless of the device you use. Information remains well structured and legible whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone.


Tailored specifically to the needs of the project, the administrative area allows for swift content entry and that quick, but crucial change can be made on a smartphone as easily as on a computer.

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