Investment Trust

Capital Holding Group

The Challenge

Our friends at Capital Holding Group asked us to update the entire image of their company, including designing a new logo and a stylish new business card to better reflect their organisation, and topping it off with a functional new website.

The Work

Corporate Identity Stationery Design Usability & Web Design Web Development Content Management System

Meet the finished product

A single entity

The logo represents not just the holding, but all the companies that form it. It symbolises the one whole entity that is Capital Holding Group. It is easy to remember, effective and versatile. The complete kit consists of variations of the logo suitable for every scenario, so it will always be visible and legible, no matter where and how it is used.

A clean, sharp design reflects the mature organisation and doesn't try to impress with unnecesarry detail. By using hot foil stamp in true gold colour on a thick matte black cardboard, we created a card that has a very strong presence. Just by taking it in your hand, you can feel that you're dealing with people who never cut corners.

A strong presence

The current company website was really getting out of shape, so we created a brand new one from the ground up. We used proven modern technology to make sure we deliver a functional and future-proof product.

Take it with you

The modern, performant website ensures an efficient experience regardless of the device you use. Information remains well structured and legible whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Fast & efficient

The nature of the company requires official documents to be added to the website on the dot. We designed the content management system so that uploading new files is as easy as it can be, even on the move.

Before & After

We like to make a difference for our partners. Taking a product that's starting to show its age and revamping it using best practices and modern technology helps our clients' businesses stay current and demonstrate professionalism.



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