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Wine It Up is a company newly-formed by wine enthusiasts with the goal of creating the most comprehensive catalogue of Bulgarian wine. The owner hired us to prepare the company for his ambitious goals and lay the foundation for future growth. We created a fresh, modern brand, and a website that's going to be the foundation for the next step in the development of the young company. Our work allowed Wine It Up to launch a strong marketing campaign and start building a community.


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Wine It Up wants to offer enthusiasts the ability to be a part of a community, where they share their personal collection complete with ratings and reviews with other wine lovers, with the ultimate goal of becoming a fully functional online wine store.


Many of the wine industry leading brands have logos that feature heavy ornamentation and an old school visual style. Wine It Up wanted to differentiate their new brand by instead choosing contemporary design trends. To avoid cliches, but still be very clear about the nature of the company we explored a few industry symbols. Our client decided to focus on a grape cluster represented by an abstract brandmark. The finished logo incorporates both the symbol of the fruit and the letter W, and comes in different variations to serve the extensive marketing needs of the young company.


Building the catalogue is just the first step in the development of Wine It Up. They wanted to one day be able to offer the best rated wines for sale through their website. However, transforming a purely informative website into an online store is a difficult undertaking. To make this step easier, we decided to incorporate it into the initial strategy and model the design in a way that could be easily extended to a fully fledged e-commerce solution. This is evident in the customer facing section, but it's also incorporated in the way the site works. Going for the right technology from the beginning means we start with a performant and future-proof product that's ready to serve numerous visitors.


Providing you with a comfortable experience regardless of the device you use requires specific optimisations. Information gets reordered and restructured as needed to remain accesible and legible whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone.


The launch of the website didn't go without a technical hiccup, resulting in some images not being displayed correctly, or at all, after being automatically scaled down for faster loading. As a backup we decided it's better to show the original large photos, while the system manages to rebuild all images and get back on track.


Wine It Up were very satisfied with the way their brand and website paved the way for their marketing efforts, while early adopters shared that they especially appreciate the simple, understated design.