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South Park West

The investor of a new luxury residential building called South Park West hired us to provide brokers with quality promotional material to help convince potential buyers. We designed a modern minimalistic brand, a catalogue rich in information and imagery, and a website outlining the benefits of living in South Park West. The building was nearly sold out months before construction was completed.


South Park West


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South Park West is the new addition in the investor's growing real estate portfolio. It's a luxury offering aimed at customers who want every aspect of their living arrangement to be meticulously designed. Such properties are not sold via web ads, but instead - in person. Our client needed a way to accelerate sales by differentiating the high-end offering in a competitive market and highlighting the aspects that make living in South Park West a completely different experience.


Having worked with different luxury real estate providers, we often notice how the investors prefer the quality of materials to take a central place, instead of relying on unnecessary design ornaments. We incorporated this way of thinking when designing the logo for South Park West, tried out a few different directions, and settled on a stylised monogram that draws inspiration from the understated design of the actual building.


We kicked off with a workshop together with the investors and their brokers, in order to create an effective information structure, aligned with the way they present to potential buyers. We walked away armed with what would become the backbone of both the catalogue and later on - the website. Meanwhile, the architecture bureau provided mesmerising renders of the building and interior spaces. They play a central role in the experience, while we focused on the basics of good design - proportion, composition and legibility - allowing you to immerse yourself into a vision of a better life.


The website follows the catalogue structure closely and lets you fill in the blanks or continue exploring at your own pace online. It lets the product shine and features subtle effects and interactions that are pleasing to the eye but don't take your attention away. Since the site features lots of images, we had to pay close attention to loading speeds, and only serve images when you actually intend to look at them.


Providing you with a comfortable experience regardless of the device you use requires specific optimisations. Information gets reordered and restructured as needed to remain accesible and legible whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone.


After launching the website we observed the way visitors used it and further optimised the way certain areas load, to make popular sections perform even better.


The catalogue and website received good feedback for the way they are structured and designed. Buyers reported that they prefer a simple design that guides them through important details in contrast with the visually heavy materials of some other properties.