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MM Business Center

MM Business Center is an office building in development located in the business center of Bulgaria's capital city. It's developed by our partners at MM Group as their entry into the heart of the competitive office rental market. They relied on us to create the brand, promotional materials and website to assist them in renting out the new office spaces and we delivered a comprehensive solution, assisting their negotiations with potential tenants.


MM Business Center


Luxury Office Building


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MM Business Center is backed by the strong and established brand of MM Group. It's located right across the biggest business center in the city - Business Park Sofia. To stand out in a sea of metal and glass, they offer only the best in services and amenities, and need to provide brokers with marketing materials that are just as impeccable.


When we researched the competition we discovered they took two prevalent design directions with their logos. One very abstract, the other - related to a specific architectural piece. The design of MM Business Center is very distinctive, and easily stands out from nearby buildings. We drew inspiration from some of the characteristic architectural elements to create a symbol that sits confidently among the other brands within the MM Group portfolio, and lends itself to different use cases across analogue and digital media.


We worked closely with MM Business Center's real estate advisor to create information architecture that would answer the specific needs of potential tenants. Taking into account the industry-specific best practices, we structured the website in a way that allows visitors to easily sift through all the details and discover what's most relevant to them.


Providing you with a comfortable experience regardless of the device you use requires specific optimisations. Information gets reordered and restructured as needed to remain accesible and legible whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone.


Shortly after the website launch we updated key areas to make the most requested bits of information more readily available. As the date of completion comes closer we're making ongoing changes to reflect the construction progress and keep all areas up to date.


We received positive feedback from MM Business Center's investor and brokers for the way the website answers the needs of the industry and makes their job of negotiating with potential tenants easier. They pointed out how the prompt maintenance and information updates mean that they never risk presenting outdated or misleading information.