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Izabel Fashion is a clothing boutique that operates no physical stores, so the online shopping experience is critical to their success. They hired us to help bring their store up to speed with their marketing and sales goals. After the strategy workshop it was clear that they should not waste any more time. We delivered a completely reimagined brand, website, and order experience, and streamlined the way staff process orders and inventory, saving the company time and money.


Izabel Fashion


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You helped us make use of the extensive knowledge we have on our customer base, and that convinced us to go on with the radical idea we had for our business model. The customers are raving!

Anthon Georgiev, Owner of Izabel Fashion


Offering stylish limited edition clothes helped Izabel Fashion build a clientele of active young people in touch with the latest digital trends. With traffic from mobile devices steadily catching up with traditional desktop computers, Izabel Fashion found themselves unprepared for a world where half their visitors use smartphones. Technically the current design worked on smartphones, but in reality the experience was subpar. With competitors offering ever better shopping solutions, Izabel Fashion risked lagging behind.


After our initial strategy session, it was clear that if Izabel Fashion was to stand out among its strong competition, it would need the proper brand identity for the job. One that has character and doesn't feel like something downloaded off the internet.


As we dug around in the order history, we found that clients rarely order more than a single item at a time, and could use a quicker way to do so. The new order experience takes as few steps as possible, asking only for critical information. The shopping cart no longer plays a central rola, instead clients go straight to checkout where they can order as guests, bringing the total time needed to place an order to under one minute.


Providing you with a comfortable experience regardless of the device you use requires specific optimisations. Information gets reordered and restructured as needed to remain accesible and legible whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone.


The administrative area has served Izabel Fashion well for years, so there was no need to fix what isn't broken. However, some areas needed additional supporting functionality to make the job easier for employees. Introduction of more granular control over the order fulfillment stages and the ability to leave notes when moving orders down the pipeline meant everyone with access to the system could check and see what's going on and why.


With the roll out of the new store we were pleased that clients easily made their way through the new checkout and were able to place orders much more quickly.


The relaunch of a refreshed Izabel Fashion was supported by a photo shoot updating all product imagery, and a marketing campaign that collectively resulted in increased sales and clients sharing overwhelmingly positive feedback on the streamlined shopping experience.