Bedroom Furnishing


Intershop is one of the leading stores for bedroom equipment and accessories in Bulgaria. For years we've been extending their current system, and now they pulled the trigger for a complete rebuild to answer the growing demands of their customers. We updated all customer-facing parts of the design, then focused on the administrative area to make it more convenient for the staff to manage orders. The new product provides better shopping experience, more tools to promote and drive sales, and saves employees time when processing orders.




Bedroom Furnishing


Online Store


The customer base of Intershop spans all ages and backgrounds. A while ago they started to notice a strong increase in smartphone traffic and tasked us with rewriting the complex website code to increase loading speeds, and also extend the current design to support smaller screen sizes. The response has been so overwhelmingly positive that now, with over half of all visitors using mobile devices, Intershop hired us to completely redesign the experience for both shoppers and staff.


After years of working on Intershop's online store we have a pretty good understanding of their clientele. The nature of the products Intershop sells means clients rarely shop again for another few years. Satisfied customers, however, would recommend the store to family and friends. We had to make sure the new design is not a complete departure from the current one, so it builds on the reputation the brand has established. Working closely with the owners we laid out a plan to make the redesign happen smoothly. Starting with only pens and paper we held a strategy session to map out the goals for the project. Using them as the foundation for our work, we slowly made our way through every component and interaction - keeping the ones that were in line with the goals, and doing away with outdated patterns.


We studied the competition and the general trends in the e-commerce space and took note of proven practices that would help us achieve the project's goals. Armed with this thorough list we got to work on some rough sketches to allow us to quickly assess different approaches and settle on what would later become the clickable demo. It's a dummy product that real customers got to try, surfacing usability problems early in the process, and bringing us to the point of real implementation. Incorporating modern technology and best practices, the new Intershop store loads quickly, features contemporary design language that makes the products the main point, and facilitates a smooth shopping experience.


The staff at Intershop have laid out a set of challenges that consistently come up when processing orders. Together with them and the owners we designed a process that rectifies these issues and also works better for the logistics department taking care of deliveries. Since every mistake meant the store loses time and money, we worked to minimise potential points of error as much as possible and automate common repetitive tasks.


After launching the new store we entered an iterative refinement phase - analysing how people use it, continuously ironing out quirks and taking opportunities to make the shopping experience better that weren't apparent before going live for all customers.


The new design made a lot of the tasks faster and easier for both shoppers and employees. Placing an order goes more smoothly and has fewer friction points. Staff have the right tools at their disposal for when they need to fix a problem with an order, so they lose less time troubleshooting with customers, allowing them to focus on moving orders through the pipeline.