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Golden 8 Group

Golden 8 Group is a newly formed company catering to the needs of High Net Worth Individuals. They knew that to gain traction in such market they would have to beat established companies at their own game. We conceived a brand identity that helped a young company look like it's been around, without coming off as a pretender.


Golden 8 Group


High Net Worth Services


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The people behind G8G were working with the specific audience for years. The new venture was their way to answer many of the specific demands of an affluent customer base under one roof. But working in such setting requires a lot of trust, and the newcomers had to make the right impression from the very beginning if they were to get a foot in the door.


After examining the proven companies in the marketplace we noticed a pattern of traditional visual style, coupled with symbols of luxury - golden and silver colours, expensive materials and finishes. We wanted to give the brand a sense of belonging, but also some distinctive character. The logo looks down to earth, but at the same time plays with the company name in a way many companies won't dare. You can't tell if it belongs to a bank, or a boutique fashion brand.


Only the best materials and finishes were selected to create a brand identity package that makes a statement. We designed various marketing materials to be used online and in person and help Golden 8 Group gain traction.


Our client was happy to share that the brand identity has received universal praise for its look, feel, and the statement it makes. The young company is quickly winning clients' hearts, and business.