Luxury Multifunctional Complex

Capital City Center

Capital City Center is a multifunctional complex that combines luxury apartments for rent, office spaces and commercial premises. They wanted to refresh their website in an effort to boost the popularity of the complex and ultimately - increase the occupancy of all three areas. We created a stylish new design that answers the needs of corporate clients and potential tenants as well as guests of the apart hotel.


Capital City Center


Luxury Multifunctional Complex


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Located right in the heart of the city, Capital City Center houses three distinct offers under one roof. While the target market for each one is different, bringing them together is beneficial for everybody. The three parts however were not moving at the same speed. While the office areas were completely occupied, the apart hotel and commercial areas were not enjoying the same customer interest. The owner of the complex decided to do something about the current situation by focusing more on the marketing efforts of Capital City Center.


Even though we have considerable experience in the industry, catering to three district target groups was something new to us. To get to the core motivations of the clientele and ensure that the product met their demands, we held a strategy workshop with the owner and the marketing manager of Capital City Center. The results was a clear understanding of what potential tenants and guests needed, and how to effectively provide them with a solution. The design reflects the findings of the workshop in a way that allows all three key audiences to reach their desired destination in a single click. And for those who decide to take the next step and inquire about available areas for rent, or book a stay in the apart hotel, we created specific contact forms that would ask for only the relevant information and get them in touch with the right person.


Providing you with a comfortable experience regardless of the device you use requires specific optimisations. Information gets reordered and restructured as needed to remain accesible and legible whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone.


After we launched the new website we observed the way visitors use it and made some refinements to the structure to further optimise the most popular areas of the site.