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Bulgarian-Moldovan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

BMCCI is a recently established organisation supporting the development of business relations between the two countries. A Business-To-Business entity that seeks to attract and retain long-term members must look impeccable both physically and digitally. To achieve that we created a complete brand system, and a conversion-focused website. Potential members seeking the services of the chamber are presented with a brand that looks established and refined and a website offering a path to a better tomorrow for their business.


Bulgarian-Moldovan Chamber of Commerce and Industry


B2B Services


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Bulgaria and Moldova are two closely related countries, due to the large Bulgarian diaspora living in Moldova. However, businesses in Bulgaria have consistently erred on the side of caution when it comes to investment opportunities. BMCCI aims to prove that doing business in Moldova is a solid opportunity by showing specifically where, how, and with whom.


In order to create a logo that symbolises the relationship between the two countries, we explored different symbols, the best-known of all being the country flag. Our initial ideas revolved around the two tricolours, but that direction proved unsuitable for the goal - making a six-colour logo work in such a setting is nigh impossible. We then decided to try a symbol we can represent without the boundary of any specific colour - the countries' coats of arms. The Bulgarian one features lions prominently, while the Moldovan - an eagle. Why not combine the two animals with a symbol of the support the organisation provides? Using a simple line style, maybe we could achieve the classic look of an emblem, without being too heavy visually. We got to work. What emerged is a symbol that represents the organisation for its purpose - further developing the economic relations between the countries of Bulgaria and Moldova by providing the strategic assistance and protection businesses need.


Documents and other information handed out to members and partners on a clean sheet of paper is a missed chance to convey the new brand's identity. To make traditional communication a part of the brand we designed a stationery pack consisting of a folder, document and business card. Quality paper and luxurious finishes ensure the print materials are both long-lasting and elegant.


From previous experience of working with similar brands, we know that sometimes being overly conservative results in a website that feels robotic and outdated. To make sure the new site not only inspires a feeling of confidence, but also educates and motivates visitors to take the step and become full-right members, we had to take the best of the two approaches. Public-benefit nonprofits have strictly written goals, means of achieving them, regulations, etc. that can be a bit dry for the casual visitor if presented raw. We needed a way of breaking the information up in smaller, manageable chunks. The key to it all is the home page. It needs to summarise all you can learn and do on the website and provide you with an easy path to do it. After you have decided which area you'd like to explore, we can get into more detail. We mapped out logical spots on the journey through the website, usually right after you have encountered a specific piece of information that could define your choice, and placed affordances to contact BMCCI, get more information, or apply for membership.


Providing you with a comfortable experience regardless of the device you use requires specific optimisations. Information gets reordered and restructured as needed to remain accesible and legible whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone.


To drive home the message that BMCCI membership is worth the investment, the client spared no expense in materials or execution, and we spared no effort in recommending the best materials and finishes.


Since the brand launch memberships have been increasing steadily, keeping BMCCI on the path of strengthening economic relations between two already related countries.