Spend two minutes learning a few things About Us

We started this company to get in touch directly with you - without the heft of company politics. Imagine for a moment, not talking to account managers or discussing colours and text sizes for hours. Instead, you get spot-on results quickly. That's time you can spend developing your business, while we fight on your side to help you take it to the next level.

Our Moral Compass

There's a reason behind our name. When we started Excite we decided that if we aren't excited about your project - and working with you - we'd think twice about it. Here's what drives us:


We don't "add" meaningful stuff - it's already there, we just remove the clutter.


We approach each moment as an opportunity to ask and learn something new.


You know your business better than we ever will. We tackle problems together.


We have the will to do the right thing even when no one is looking.

The Founder

Ilian Stoyanov - Founder, Creative Director

The founder of Excite brings to the table years of professional design and customer communication background in both product companies and international agencies.

Ilian has experience with businesses large and small, where his ability to lead a team through the process of uncovering, defining and solving business problems has resulted in increased revenues and decreased costs - turning clients into long-term partners.