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The Challenge

Our friends at Tectonica-B architecture studio are in the business of designing modern buildings and online presence is a big part of their marketing strategy. They needed a new website that enables them to present their work anywhere they go. When we studied the competition we found out that every company was making good use of its website to showcase previous work. However – none of them really took the time to explain their process and expertise. Tectonica-B had some room for improvement in both aspects, as we discovered during the audit of their old website. The new design highlights the thorough process and the benefits that clients of the bureau receive. One important thing we noticed is how the company website fared better in the search results than many of the websites of the actual buildings. To take advantage of this we placed a prominent call to action that leads visitors and potential clients to the contact form.

The Work

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Meet the finished product

The final result exceeded my expectations — our new website features exceptionally modern design and fulfills the goals of informing visitors on the work and expertise of Tectonica-B and drawing future clients.

Nikola Baldjiev — CEO at Tectonica-B


Tailored specifically to the needs of the project, the administrative area allows for swift content entry and that quick, but crucial change can be made on a smartphone as easily as on a computer.

Responds to you

The modern, performant website ensures a quality user experience regardless of the device you use. The information is presented in a logical and structured way and remains legible on any screen size.

Spring cleaning

The old website was in need of a good spring cleaning. We ended up rewriting all the content, designed user journeys and added affordances for quick navigation to the logical next step. We also included a ncie little surprise for you – at the end of every page, there is an interesting quote related to architecture… or not.

Lights. Camera. Action.

We had a great time recording a short introduction video. The first thing you see when you enter the new site, it invites you to take a look at the real working environment in the studio.

Do you like what you see?

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