Boutique Building

South Park West

The Challenge

The biggest challenge with the website for the new project of our friends at MM Group was the sheer ammount of information. We did a short workshop together with the client and the real estate brokers to prioritise the messages we want to get across and uncover the most logical information architecture. While we were discussing the profile of target customers, we noticed that they repeatedly emphasized how important it is for the website to be luxurious and elegant. We had a stunning set of visualisations on hand and we decided to put them front and center to give the visitors a tour of the building, then immediately present pricing and availability and – for the more inclined to read – follow up with detailed information about the expertise that’s put into this project and the people behind it.

The Work

Corporate IdentityStationery DesignUsability & DesignWeb DevelopmentContent Management System

Meet the finished product

Clean & timeless

The logo is sharp and clean — just like the building itself.

Responds to you

The modern, performant website ensures a quality user experience regardless of the device you use. The information is presented in a logical and structured way and remains legible on any screen size.

In your hands

Eye-watering photos, and so many of them! You can clearly see how much thought has been put into designing these beautiful appartments.

Do you like what you see?

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