Honorary Consulate

Consul of Moldova in Bulgaria

The Challenge

Eng. Chipev gave us the task of designing and developing a new website to represent him as an hororary consul, with a new business card to go along. The website is serving content in four languages and it’s frequently visited by people of various nationalities. During early usability tests we found that upon seeing an unfamiliar language, many people immediately start scrolling in search of a language switch. To answer that we included a persistent navigation that features colourful country flags and follows the users as they scroll. To serve the primary purpose of the website, contact information is featured prominently on various pages and the first thing the users see is the big button leading to the contact form.

The Work

Stationery DesignUsability & DesignWeb evelopmentContent Management System

Meet the finished product

Responds to you

The modern, performant website ensures a quality user experience regardless of the device you use. The information is presented in a logical and structured way and remains legible on any screen size.

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